The National University of Singapore (NUS) is looking into allegations where students at the recent orientation camp claimed that the games at the camp were “sexually charged”.

Freshmen usually attend orientation camps to increase their circle of friends.

It was alleged that in one of the forfeits, a male and a female freshman had to re-enact an incestuous rape scene between a man and his younger sister. The girl was to lay on the floor and the guy had to pretend to kick the door open and declare, “Kor kor (big brother) coming.” The girl had to reply with some form of resistance saying, “Mei mei (little sister) don’t want.”

It was reported that the guy kicked open the girl’s legs and did push ups while the girl lay under him.

The scene left a student understandably traumatised. A group of female students attempted to leave but they were stopped by the orientation leader.

The orientation group leaders are seniors in NUS.

According to a NUS related Facebook page, NUS takes such feedback seriously and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is working with the faculties to find out what actually happened during the camps.

Should you wish to provide feedback and information that will help us speak with the Project Directors or Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) concerned, please click here (

All feedback to OSA will be accorded full confidentiality.

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