Went to a recent faculty camp and I am kind of disappointed with the conduct of the camp. There’s a SP night during the camp whereby guys have to bring girls out for a date. But before the guy can bring the girl out, the guy have to eat and do ridiculous stuff infront of all the girls ordered by the GLs/Seniors.

I’ve always been a introvert and shy guy whereby I try as much as possible to join in. But during that SP night, I was tasked by the GLs to simulate how I usually masturbate and show my orgasmic face to the girls.

And when I tried, all of them started laughing at me. I was also tasked to answer embarrassing questions infront of the girls like what is the size of my dick or how often do I wank off and etc.

At the end of all these stuff, it just seems to me that the GLs/seniors are doing all these things just to please themselves. How could they ridicule someone like that just for the seek of their own pleasure?

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