What has become of Singapore?

Have we successfully evolved to become a society of binary minded beings, where the mind only sees Ones and Zeros in our day to day living?

A neighbour of mine is in the middle of shifting out and like most of us living in high rise HDB flats, we get help from movers. By all logical thinking for accessibility, the lorry driver temporarily parked the vehicle he was driving on a No Parking lot that has a concrete gradual slope making it easy for the workers to push trolleys of heavy furniture and boxes.

Then came along a parking warden demanding the vehicle be moved while workers were in the middle of loading the lorry. According to him, someone called to complaint and there are white lots nearby (buffered by a metre and a half divider of drainage, grasspatch and tree roots) where the lorry can park. This is very strange because according to my neighbour, there wasn’t anyone obstructed by the vehicle (there is another sloping no parking access 10 mtrs to the right) thus it is either the person who made the complaint (if any) is irrational or the warden lied about it.

In any case, what is the issue here? Firstly, there is no loading and unloading bay in a HDB carpark, secondly, the move was done outside peak hours, thirdly this is a one off event (just like weddings, funerals, elections…). My take is that the warden is one that may not be living in a HDB flat, has no discretionary capacity and has successfully evolved into a mechanical enforcer like judge dredd.

This is perhaps another of the many examples that appear over the net week in week out reflecting the evolution of Singapore society. Especially in the last 10 years, it does seem that Singapore has lost its compassionate soul that has for many decades long before independence allowed multi ethnicity to thrive and blend its own Singapura flavour.

To the leaders of Singapore, do note that The Kampong Spirit is not simply a slogan to rally and move your constituents to do what your boardroom committee draw up. Military dictators achieve the same effect through propaganda.

Where Kampong spirit exist, neighbours would have gathered to help out in the moving process and bid a heartfelt farewell to the leaving neighbour. Today, this neighbour of mine might just have had a bitter memory imprinted on their last day in the neighbourhood.

P.s. If only I know the number to the Ghostbusters… I would have called them to get rid of the imposter Kampong Spirit…

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