Anyone who believes strongly in Islamophobia should just come and spend a month in Singapore.

I never believed that we’ve ever ‘tolerated’ each other’s practices, religious or cultural. We’ve always respected them, and sought to understand them, with no questions asked.

Notice how no one says anything when Friday lunches are a little longer in school or at work to allow for Muslim prayers? Or how work schedules are positioned to let each ethnic or religious group take priority in taking leave? How CNY, Deepavali and Hari Raya are actually reasons for decorations and celebrations in offices and schools? No one bats an eyelid, because everyone understands.

Ever realise how, in the wake of rising Islamophobia, no one in Singapore seems to really bother much? How we don’t start glancing at each other furtively, wondering how radical our Muslim brothers and sisters are? We’ve built a community of peace, and of love, so much so that there isn’t a struggle even to remain neutral, it is second nature for us to unanimously condemn any and all ethnic or religious tensions.

Harmony though friendship, love and understanding.

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