Pardon the lazy sunday afternoon rant.


DUKE BAKERY at Junction NINE (Yishun), are you seriously gonna give such a promo?

What is so special about foreigner students over local students??
Think about it. Why shouldn’t ALL students get the discount??

You have a new International school here nearby.
But don’t you forget that you have even more local neighborhood schools around.

Even giving special rates to local elderly and senior citizens would be a much better marketing and sales strategy.

National Day coming soon you know.. might as well give a dollar off to all Singaporean citizens. I think this is more attractive to the people walking around this new mall to actually want to buy something from you.

Truly disgusted.
Middle fingers to you.

If you local and you feel the same as I do, please share this.

Share this not to create trouble or to affect their business but to create an awareness that brands and shops should embrace our locals as they would with the foreign crowd. (If you open in Little India and extend a special promo to Indians there i can absolutely understand, but here in Yishun? Foreign students?)

We welcome you to do business here but you do not cut off our people like this.

#disgusted #howtodobusinesslikethis #whoisthegeniusbehindsuchpromo #Dontsayineverhelpyou #givingyouideas #freemarketingforyou #local #Singapore #StandupforSingapore #focusonlocals #singaporeansunite #pukebakery #dukefakery #middlefingerstoyouseriously.

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