Dear A.S.S,

On 24/07/2016 at about 10pm, my wife and i were going to collect our parcel by DHL at Cheers bugis mrt outlet. Upon arriving, we were chased out by the staff on duty saying it’s beyond their operating hours.

Minutes after, i called back to check if i could collect my parcel as i found out from
that the store hours were actually till 11pm. The duty personel agreed acknowledged and so my wife whom is pregnant, went back to the store only to received bad customer service and even got reprimanded by your staff.

Apparently, the duty personel notified her manager regarding this issue, instead of resolving the issue, the manager, whom i spoke to on the phone, unreasonably reprimanded me and even challenged me to make a report, emphasising that he does not care.

In the process of this incident, the personel on duty also constantly made racist remarks emphasising on ‘China people’.(My wife is local Singaporen)

we did not manage to collect our parcel, as they claim that it requires hardcopy of the collection letter, even we have it on phone together with our identity cards, we were not allowed.

We had a really atrocious and unpleasant experience today! It is perfectly fine to reschedule the collection, but it is horrible to experience such bad customer service from both the staff on duty and also the manager especially to a pregnant lady. Cheers has always been a great convinient store but such behaviours should not be tolerated!

We hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to contact me for enquires regarding this incident.

Oscar Zhang

A.S.S Contributor

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