Lee Kuan Yew had understood the power of fear (and greed) and cultivated a population to fear PAP in order to remain in power forever, if possible. A divided citizenry allows PAP to retain full control, remain non transparent and unaccountable.

For years, relatives and friends have advised me against being vocal but how could any responsible citizen remain a spectator watching an abusive government taking our country downhill?

Well-intentioned as their advice may be, sadly, it is mostly fear-based and therefore illogical.

The threat of being “marked” by PAP is very real to many but we need to think just slightly deeper to expose the flaw in our thinking.

Now, why would the government employ limited public resources to mark any ordinary citizen for ranting on social media? Silly isn’t it?

Still scared? Then ask yourself whether are you really so influential to even make a dent in PAP’s power. In other words, are you really somebody for PAP to even pay scant attention to? I know I am not.

PAP doesn’t have the time and resources to target every blogger and the possibility of being targeted is as remote as striking 4D for a person who doesn’t buy lottery.

Let’s just for a moment entertain the possibility I was targeted for my 1001 constructive criticisms and negative comments. Wouldn’t this mean there is a lot of truth in my posts on CPF, Temasek, GIC, ministers, MPs and the government?

If the government had threatened me with a lawsuit, headlines in foreign media will scream “Singapore government threatens to sue unemployed blogger”. Wouldn’t PAP have become a bigger joke than ever?

Police states love to employ the “kill the chicken to scare the monkey” tactic and PAP has been doing this for decades. Although this tactic was successfully employed by Lee Kuan Yew, PM Lee should know that times have changed. Disengagement has a price.

Fear has insidiously eroded our human values such as empathy. When confronted with the threat of PAP breathing down our neck, we prefer to watch fellow citizens fall victim to politicians instead of standing up against injustice. A country does not deserve to survive if a majority of citizens fear the government.

A government elected by the people has to be respected, not feared. And PM Lee is merely our head servant, not a demi god like his father LKY.

Breaking out of your prison of fear doesn’t mean you do what likedatosocanmeh, an ordinary citizen, is doing but at your own pace. Feedback your unfiltered views directly to the government, especially PM Lee, or on social media. Use social media to help counter what you perceive to be propaganda without the need for a pseudonym.

The PAP isn’t going to change the way it governs because a fearful populace has served its purpose for 5 decades. This is how PAP has amassed its power – through citizens’ ignorance and fear. It is only when the tide of ignorance and fear recedes that we will witness the spectacle of PAP swimming completely naked. For this to happen, we need to transcend our unfounded fear of PAP.

Decades of conditioning by PAP can’t be wished away overnight and patience is counseled.

PAP’s past abuses will come back to haunt the party and it’s just a matter of time. Karma is not only a bitch but the strictest accountant: no hanky-panky accounting like City Harvest’s and others. Hard as PAP may try, it will not be able to conceal tons of embarrassing information forever.

So when PAP is afraid of its own shadow, it’s really silly to continue living in fear of PAP.

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