Not in the habit of naming and shaming people online but I believe this has to be done after giving him so many chances.

On the 20th July, this 20 year old NS recruit, Ang Wei Jun boarded my bf’s father’s taxi from Toh Guan to Chong Pang and ended the ride with $25 balance. He claimed that he didn’t have enough to pay and promised to pay back within a few days. He gave my bf’s dad his contact number and also a front & back picture of his 11B.

Within this 4 days, we contacted him multiply times through calling and texting. We agreed to meet 2 times for him to return the $25 but on these 2 times, he didn’t turn up. We gave many chances for him to redeem himself but each time he either did not reply or just totally MIA.

We have lodged a police report but it wasn’t much of a help because they pushed us to LTA instead. $25 may not be much but this is not the first time that this has happen to my bf’s dad and I believe this is a common occurrence to all taxi drivers. These drivers are simply trying to make a living for their families and we have such idiots taking advantage of them.

We have no choice but to turn to social media for help. At some point it’s not so much about taking the money back but more of making sure that Ang Jun Wei doesn’t cheat anybody else the way he cheated my family.

Please help to share and hopefully track him down to make him feel at least ashamed for cheating an old man.

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