Dear A.S.S,

I have been jobless for 2 month, while going through advertisement over the web, i found a few posting that make me feel very disappointed. Why has our society accepting foreign talent more than pure Singaporean instead?

Furthermore, i manage to see a few big agency such as “Achieve Group” & “MCI Career Services Pte Ltd” have a few posting with requirement asking for “SPM” qualification. What is our country turning into?

There are also posting that state down “Chinese/Mandarin Speaking environment”. We are a multi racial country, such requirements are very unfair to people who fall under the race of “Non Chinese”. There is another posting stating down that a Jewellery shop is looking for a sales assistant in a ladies environment? Does it mean that as a male I’m unable to apply for this job? This posting show that there isn’t much transparency and sensitivities in Singapore Employment Act.

I went to check on Tripartite act of Singapore before i do my posting over here to prevent myself of accusing them, and only realised that many of the requirements are not allowed to be stated in job advertisement.

There are way too many for me to upload in ASS, hence only uploaded a few screenshot for the public reference and hopefully ASS group will be able to help me share this post up to any relevant parties.

A very disappointed Singaporean
A.S.S Contributor

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