Dear All Singapore Stuff,

As you can see from the screenshot of an exchange on Calvin Cheng’s facebook page, the infamous PAP internet brigade is offering assistance to defend Calvin Cheng and ‘provide firepower’ if he needs it in his ongoing spat with NUS professor Ian Chong.

The spat started when Calvin Cheng felt that the professor was not respectful enough to him.

In the screenshot, the PAP IB member, Mr Daniel Ng, offered the aid of Silent No More (SNM) if Calvin Cheng wants covert ops.

Silent No More is a facebook group of extreme PAP supporters who decided to make as much noise as possible after the death of their beloved idol, LKY. After the funeral and subsequent mourning and wailing period, it has become a PAP IB coordination network to attack opposition supporters and personalities.

This is how the PAP Internet Brigade works, as described by Daniel Ng:

“Just copy link and post on SNM if you want covert ops. Mentioning our names will also tag us to the post and specifically to the comment/rebuttal but that can be seen by the one you are rebutting.”

Step 1: Post the link to the ‘battleground’ facebook page inside the Silent No More facebook group

Step 2: Tag hardcore PAP activists/supporters and they will come to attack the opposition supporter’s comments and derail the thread with irrelevant fallacies about the opposition.


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