Dear All Singapore Stuff,

First of all, I am writing this, not to shame the person or the family. I am writing this to create awareness to soon-to-be bride and groom so that they will not be cheated like us and almost 10 other couples.

We got married in May 2015, we engaged Ministry of Moments Sg as we really like their skills of photography.

We engaged Ministry of Moments Sg through facebook, we meet Ida at the Baby Fair in late 2014 to confirm and passed the deposit.

All went well for our 2days event.

The horror came 2 weeks after our wedding when Ida started to give us reasons and MIA from us.

We managed to get our album and also all our soft copies photo in December 2015, 7 months after our weddings though contract promised that we will everything by 2 months after wedding.

Along the way, the company name changed to Divino Momento, without even informing the existing client.

All negative comments on the page were deleted by Ida.

We managed to contact and meet a few of her photographers, mostly from Malaysia. We were told that they are also finding Ida as their pays were not paid.

Time past, reasons after reasons she gave us.

Now, almost 10 brides n grooms have came out looking for her, with their items promised, still not received and Ida is no where to be found.

For us, we only received our albums and soft copies. Still waiting for our videos and our frames.

Again, this is not to badmouth Ida and her company. But we need more victims to join us to fight for our rights because some of us has paid fully.

Also, if anyone knows her please tell her to cooperate with us.

ASS Contributor

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