Dear Editor,

I refer to your article:
and the ongoing discourse about the exuberant privileges that is being
accorded only to PAP Ministers.

As a resident of Marine Parade, I felt that this contentious issue only boils
down to what is fair and isn’t and if Top Cats of the country should be more
or lesser mortals! ICA’s response only goes to show that the line between
Royalty and Westminster democracy is blurred in Singapore and the
fundamentals should be “set right” as they ought to begin with.

A Royalty and Official is very different as the former is an inherited Head
of State position while the latter has to go to the people every 4 years to
“maintain” his position if the people felt he/she has done a “good job”. A
Minster or MP is still a commoner and the Laws of the Country applies to them
while a Head of State whether Constitutional or Executive is above the law
and “beyond reprieve”.

I also find it extremely humorous that MP Png “can understand” why a Social
and Family Minister requires security and protection while a normal MP does
not because I cannot find any reason for Minister Tan to receive such special
treatment unless he has “stepped on many toes” or “ruffled several feathers”.
During my many travels to Europe to visit family members, I have seen
European Ministers even those of the high leveled EU like Chancellor Angela
Merkel queuing up in a normal supermarket like everyone else. She does that
not because she wants to but she understands why she has to in a truly
informed and democratic Germany.

That same tune should be sung in Singapore by us the citizens or else this
issue will never be ending with the list of privileges and people being added
to it such as the PA grassroots being able to bypass local laws to see
whichever Minister they like to launch whatever appeals they want “on their
behalf”. That is of course, if Singaporeans feel the same way too or MP Png
will be barking up the wrong tree if citizens feel its alright for such rot to
set in the country!
#Makeitrightforsingapore #Itbeginswithme

Clive Danker
A.S.S. Contributor

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