A single legged runner posted on his Facebook about a group of stray dogs near the park connector route towards Mandai. Warning that the dogs could pose harm to children or senior citizens, he called on people who spotted the dogs to make a report to AVA.

“Hey guys please take note! For the safety of the runners, cyclists and people who are walking along the park connector route towards Mandai or Lower Selatar reservoir park along Yishun Ave one (1) please be careful because there are wild dogs there.

This evening while I was taking photo of myself, group of dogs baking and chasing at me. This is not the first time yet been happening many times either early in the morning or around noon and evening the dogs will be crossing the road and either into the nearby army training ground and ORTO park. At times these dogs can be spotted at the neighborhood park too and chasing at people. Some of us spotted people feeding the dogs too at the park.

Lets do our part and think the safety of our people especially the kids and senior citizens. If you see anyone feeding the wild/stray dogs or spotted them please do take picture for an evidence and call AVA at 1800-476-1600 or drop us a note through AVA’s online feedback form.”

What he didn’t expect was a big outcry on his Facebook page condemning him for trying to get the stray dogs in trouble. Some readers took issue with his complaint about dog owners and accused cat owners of feeding their strays too.

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