Hi A.S.S,

The audiohouse expo it show is huge scam! At audiohouse expo they rent the expo space to sim lim square vendors.

They are actually mobile sellers from sim lim square. Selling second hand phones then repacking it then selling it as new set.

On the receipt it states that it’s refurbished but then explain to customer that it was because the system could change the name that’s why state refurbished but actually brand new.

We check with samsung. the serial number on the box and the phone itself is different. And when u take the phone to Samsung store they say that it’s those fake phone or those second hand one sent back to China then do some touch up!

And when we wanted the refund they’ve been pushing around this situation for a month. Saying that the boss isn’t in office.

The shop will be at the Electronics expo held at the Expo, booth numbers 8XX, 8XX and 8XX. They are actually vendors from sim lim square.

Dont get scam like me
A.S.S. Contributor

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