Dear ASS,

I have been given the wrong injection from CCK Polyclinic. I would like to share what i’ve went through. This is a serious matter and it can caused death if medication / treatment are administered wrongly.
My email to the MOH and NHG group below:

Hi NHG Management,

I have called up and spoken to Adeline (mainline) to report a complain about some serious mistakes made by Choa Chu Kang polyclinic.

1ST INCIDENT – Settled with Dr Davamani.

On the 17th May 2016, I went for my appointment for 3 types of blood test (Blood Count, Cholesterol and Thyroid). However, after the blood was taken, i took my lunch and went for payment. After checking through my bill, i realised that the Cholesterol test was not in the bill. The nurses that took my blood has left out the most important blood test, the main reason for seeing a doctor. I was then thrown around and was told nobody knows about the test, even when my appointment slip clearly shows the name of these 3 blood test. Nurses point fingers at Doctor, Doctor says she did order the test and it was the Nurses mistake for overlooking. They insist that i have to go back the next day to get my blood drawn again. Surely i wasn’t happy! I ask to see a doctor incharge and had to wait for another 2HOURS before i get to see Dr Dava.

– Does your medical care staff thinks that it is no big deal to make such mistakes and simply get the patient to get poke by needle again?

– Do they not know that it is trumatising for patients with fine veins to go through the pain of digging and searching for veins?

– Is it alright to caused inconvenience for your patients to go back the next day, just for your staff mistakes for overlooking? (I am a mother of 2 young kids and had to drag them along everywhere i go).

Dr Dava handled everything really well. She understands my phobia on needles and to have my blood drawn again, hence she tried her best to get the nurses to take some of my blood from the previous test tube taken that morning, to use it on another test tube for the one they’ve overlooked.

She also offered to mail my reports to me, to make things easier for me (a way of apologising and compensate me) of all the inconvenience caused to me.

Dr Dava gave me assurance that she will look into the matter, I decided not to make any complains and trust CCK Polyclinic again.

2ND INCIDENT – level 2, Cashier Mistakes.

On the same day 17th Aug 2016, making payment after a whole day of problems at the ployclinic. I ask if i can pay by Medisave, the cashier gave me a medisave form to fill up. She return the form to me and ask me to proceed to the cashier at the ground floor. The cashier at the ground floor collected my payment and said she do not need the form as they already has my records for my medisave deduction. I went back home, after a few hours the cashier called me on my phone to ask if I can go back to the clinic to submit the form again. She said they’ve overlooked and need me to return the form.

– Again CCK Polyclinic staff thinking that it was ok to waste patients precious time by saying they OVERLOOKED? It seems like a normal thing happening and the staff sound so calm like it wasn’t a big issue.

I was furious! Again and again, mistakes from different departments! I told the cashier that I will not be going back with my 2 young kids. It was her mistake, so she has to collect from me. That evening she came to my block to collect the medisave form. Settled.


3RD INCIDENT – Wrong injection given.

18TH July 2016, 2.20pm

I went to see a Doctor for a dog bite wound, i’ve requested to have a Tetanus jab. The Doctor sent me to Room 32, a few Nurses in the room gave me informations on the jab and a list of things to take note of. Before administering the jab, two nurses checked on the injection and confirmed that it is the correct one before they proceed.

I was asked to stay for 15mins and will be given a certificate for my injection. I waited for 30MINS and was told the system was down, they could not print the certificate, so I asked for the cert to be mailed to me and went off.

TODAY, 19TH July 2016 – 12.55pm

Received a shocking call from CCK Polyclinic Nurse. She apologize that a wrong injection was given to me yesterday. Instead of Tetanus, i was given a jab for vaccine against food poisoning. The Nurse requested me to head back to the Polyclinic for my Tetanus jab.

– Now.. how can all these mistakes repeat again and again at the same Polyclinic? It was obviously not a one off incident.

– A wrong injection given and CCK Polyclinic inform patient only after almost 24hours?!! You mean your Nurses realised it only after so many hours?!!

– How can NHG allow their staff to repeatedly saying sorry to their patients for all the mistakes and no improvement has been done?


– What if the wrong jab wasn’t just a simple food poisoning jab? What if it is some jab that can be fatal?

-What if i am allergic to the jab?

– And again the Nurses and Doctor think it is Ok to put their patient through another painful experience? I am still having sore on my arm and they expect me to go through another jab for their mistake?

Karen Koh
A.S.S Contributor

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