We probably need to ask other than expedited clearance at the customs, what are the other privileges accorded to Ministers in Singapore. I think Singaporeans ought to know.

And it is interesting to note that Minister Tan and the bus he was on had their clearance expedited while the rest of the nineteen buses were patiently waiting in line. With you, For you ends at the customs and starts after I have cleared it expeditiously.

Mr Png was said to have taken 30 minutes to clear the customs but he spent the next hour or so helping his bus leaders to locate his residents. He was pacing up and down, looking out for them.

The question is knowing full well that he would receive expedited clearance while his residents on the rest of the nineteen buses would not, why did he opted to exercise his privilege as a Minister. General Tan Chuan Jin would understand the leadership ethos in the SAF of “first-in, last-out”, “leave no man behind.” The platoon is only as fast as the slowest guy.

Kudos to those bus leaders from Kembangan-Chai Chee for their service to their residents. Before I left at 11.11pm (last bus from Hougang to make its way back), they were still waiting for their residents. Long night for them. The bus trip is successful not because there was a Minister in their midst but because his bus leaders served their residents well.

I met a resident who joined Minister Tan’s tour. Visibly tired, she said, “don’t think my husband and I will be home until 12 midnight.” I sure hope that Minister Tan was at Kembangan Chai Chee waiting for the return of those nineteen buses that he left behind.

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