A staff by the name CK Tan as shown in the Picture. He collected all the money from the Agencies and had never passed to the company for us to transfer to the back to the Recruiters. When we started to chase for the collection he will tell us that the Maid got problems, The Maid is Medically unfit, The Maid is going to Transfer and a lot of lies. When we dig deeper after he runaway with over $40k.

All the stories is a lie. He had also claim that he was the sole breadwinner in his family as his whole family was sick with a lot of different illnesses and needed to go back Hometown weekly to help the family members. We went over to his house in Melaka to search for him and found out that it’s another lie again.

We need the help in your platform in All Singapore Stuff to assist and create awareness to avoid another Victim being con by this person. As we believe in the power of Social Media which can help and spread the news widely.

We are submitting all the evidence to Police by today 19.07.16 for them to have further investigation.

James Ng
ASS Contributor

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