Bryan & sanji from Blackwhite production known for Atlantis/Borgeous event at wavehouse sentosa is running away with my pay..

I was employed on 09 July 2016 with black white production at wavehouse sentosa as their event security promising of cash after work.

It might be just $80 for a night full of fist fights,bottle hitting heads etc..but it’s worth to buy my baby milk and diapers..but now after 1 week both of them is not answering my calls nor WhatsApp…

Bryan who is in charge of the petty cash went home early due to the fights where he assist his friends who involve in the fight to escape by the back sanji promise to settle my salary 2 days later (Monday 11 July) asking me to trust him saying he`s a man if his words but Monday came no news..text bryan who said will get back to me on (Friday 15 July) .

Came 15 July Sanji said company is having administration problem and cannot give me a confirmation on when is the payment while bryan said otherwise stating that my salary will be paid soon..but nothing happens…since that day till now they are not answering my calls nor WhatsApp..

ASS Contributor

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