WP MP Png Eng Huat had just returned from a 1-day Desaru tour with his grassroot entourage yesterday when they were met with a massive human jam at Tuas checkpoint.

Among his residents were elderly citizens as old as 89 years old and another member who had accidentally been injured during the tour.

Mr Png and his residents were waiting patiently to clear Singapore customs when they witnessed this appalling scene: When Mr Tan Chuan-Jin and his grassroot leaders appeared, Singapore customs opened another counter just to let Mr Tan and his entourage through. Mr Tan’s group, many of whom had “shopping bags in tow”, did not have to wait hours for their turn but could easily breeze through customs.

Singapore Customs did not think to open the counter to let other tired travellers through the gates.

Mr Png comments: “One of my residents is 89 years old and another was injured during the tour. If these two elderly residents can wait in queue patiently for their turns, so can all my volunteers and grassroots members. After all, we are supposed to enjoy a day of fun TOGETHER. No one should not be accorded more ‘fun’.

“The chaos, anger and confusion at the Tuas Immigration check point certainly made us forget how bad the durians were yesterday, and how bad the system needs to change.”

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