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Could u help me to make this viral to create awareness. Thanx..

So we had 7 pax and need a 7 seater taxi to ferry us from Tampines to Bukit Batok. I called up comfort delgro maxi cab to make a current booking. Talked to the lady operator and she mentioned that there will be a $10 booking fee on top of a meter fare. Ok fine.

5 minutes later, we were on board a white mercedez vito maxi cab.

When we reached bukit batok, the meter shows $38.80 which is include the booking fee. Yes it is our expected amount. Then to my surprise, the driver mentioned that there will be additional $9. Reason is that we had extra 3 pax. Each pax are required to pay additional $3. Total fare is $47.80. ??????… I was stunned. We had 7 pax and were on a 7 seater vehicle. Why the extra charges?? The driver told us that this ruling had already in place for over a year. We then paid him cash.

I called up Comfort Delgro maxi cab hotline and talked to the call centre manager, Louisa. She mentioned that this is a new ruling which was implemented in May’2016 and had already been published in the media to inform the members of the public of the changes. And also had been approved by LTA. She gave the reason of the changes is to standardize the fare with the normal taxi. Then why do they charge $10 for the current booking of the maxi cab if they want to standardize with the normal 4 seater taxi? Why do they called it a maxi 7 seater cab if they catogorize it as 4 seater and make passengers pay additional for the extra 3 pax? Is this how Comfort Delgro do business? Cheating and unfair trading??

So the driver gave me a wrong info. The new ruling is not even a year. Even so, why was I not inform of the changes when i called to make the booking? They should take the courtesy and it is their responsibility to inform their customer of the recent changes

Hafiz Boyka
A.S.S Contributor

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