Dear A.S.S,

My mom got into a hit and run incident at Jurong West ST 52 market on the 16th of July 2016.

She first did not realise the scratches until when she was about to drive off, she saw a piece of paper at the front of the windscreen.

After reading the content which wrote “SFM 6861C bang into yr car At the rear”, she walked around the car and saw scratches at the right-rear of her car.

She immediately off her car camera to prevent the camera from over-writing the contents, she then asked me to review the footage.

After spending about 1 hour, I suspected it was caused by the volkswagen car that was parking to the right of my mum’s car however I am not certain even though the car plate matches what was written on the paper left by a helpful guy. It could have been a lie.

That was until I saw the car camera tilt from left to right when SFM 6861C was reversing, also when he came back to the car he took out a yellow cloth and started wiping. It only made me more suspicious of him.

My mum tried all legal means, she went to make a police report and also tried to claim SFM6861C insurance but she was told that she was unable to.

During the making of the police report, the police could not find SFM6861C car plate in their database, I did a quick google search and found out that he actually de-register his volkswagen.I belived he de-register his volkswagen and register again using the same car plate but with a different car, Toyota Lexus.

Lastly, thanks to the eye witness! If anyone have any information on the car owner of SFM6861C, do contact me

Glenn Teo
A.S.S Contributor

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