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It was a cool, breezy Friday evening, and it took a while before finding the performance location at Clive Street’s little field next to a carpark. But its cozy atmosphere was inviting, along with the art installation that was present during the concert.

The organisers had urged us to bring picnic mats to enjoy the show, but the painted bulls were comfortable and stable enough to lean or sit on to enjoy the show.

SwaRhythmz is a three piece world music band consisting of Raghavendran Rajasekaran, Kailin Yong, and Nawaz Mirajkar, combining sounds from the bansuri, violin, tabla, and electronic backing tracks. Their music is heavily improvisational, drawing influences from Indian and Arabic music. Haunting melodies from Kailin’s arabic vocal performance complemented their compositions, giving the atmosphere a relaxing, trance like state.

There was also a surprise fire dance performance halfway into their set by Bornfire, a circus group in Singapore that recently concluded a circus festival. They brought in various props to spin with, completely improvised, giving a visual layer to the whole concert.

This performance was a part of Project Oasis in Little India, a series of events organised in Little India to raise awareness about the neighbourhood’s vibrant culture.

Danny Foo,
A.S.S Contributor

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