Good morning, I have wanted to lodge a report on SPF (TP) website but it is undergoing maintenance. Hence got to do it on SPF Facebook page. I am a cyclist and I had this regrettable (on the private bus driver part) incident on 16 July 2016 (9:05am) along Loyang Avenue towards Loyang Shell Petrol station.

I was riding slowly while keeping as close to the edge of the road as possible. When I was about the reach a traffic junction, the light turned red and I am preparing to slow down. Suddenly the blue private bus bearing the license plate of PC605A, sped from behind and quickly close any space I have with the kerb on the left (intentionally). Fortunately, there is a filter road towards Selarang that I can use as an escape route. Otherwise, I would have been intentionally side swept and crash or worst be seriously injured by this reckless bus driver.

When I questioned his intention, he gave me a smug face and claimed that I was swerving in and out of the road. It is apparent from the video that, I kept to my line and near the kerb as much as I can. The speed is also slow (I have GPS data to support).

I hope to hear from SPF (TP) and some form of action be taken up with the bus driver and his company. He disregarded the life of fellow road user and I am sure it will happen again if no action is taken.

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