We received this heart breaking letter from a foreign Bangladeshi worker. He and his fellow workers were rudely abused by a Singaporean auntie after they were found huddled under a single umbrella outside her home because they had no shelter in their work site nearby.

Read his letter below.

“Hello we r foreigner worker today here have raining in clifton vale

We dont hve shelter near so we find a umbrella and sit down front of house which one I snt u pic

Actually we r wrking here

One old lady coming with angry face and shout on us that get lost from front of my house she talked very rudly

We are coming here for not only wrking we contribute to make Singapore beautiful to clean samba to take care of trees whatever
It was very hurting us one side heavy rain have and we hvnt shelter but nver expect from other for shelter we were just take umbrella and sit down on wrking place but she talked too much rude speak sharp words

We expect respect cos we always respect all loving singapore and Singaporean

Thsts it

I can click aunty photo too but I dnt want make her down god bless her

Share this cos if any hv in problem in u see if u cant help then plz dnt give him probs

Stay bless whole singapore

A.S.S. Contributor”

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