Dear A.S.S,

Lion City Rentals car rental company keep delaying refund of car deposit after I returned the rental car. They block me on FB after i tried to contact them

they not avoiding but they are delaying.when i tried to question,they dont seems to be really bother and blocked me

They deleted my comment but i fb msg them

Its suspicious to see a company dont have much comment so i screen shot down in case they delete

Their own web sites say it takes about 2 weeks

I return the car on 15 june

Called up their office on monday and they say i will get it on yesterday.but somehow it didnt

I already tried email the admin,the cc person and even main email ,called up and give a false date.from monday to sat cant even process the refund.and google review also a lot of slow refund comment. I tried comment 6 times and its all deleted away

Yong Wei Rong
A.S.S Contributor

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