As Hari Raya is coming, i’m looking for supplier for clothings to sell so i came across this profile, Chantique Gallery by Eida.

First few transaction went smoothly until last few batch. Total of 5 clothes color were send wrongly and i did not receive the last batch of 7 clothes as she claimed she was blackwitched and the package SUDDENLY dissappeared. So she asked me to calculate and will do the refund asap. I took pity on her and tried to help her out selling whatever item she had on hand since she claimed she has alot of wrong order as well on her side but she just couldn’t be bothered with it.

3 days before Raya, she refunded me $300 out of $459 and said she will refund the balance in 1-2 days time as she will have some money by then. Eve of Raya i asked her for the money, but she just ignored my message, same goes for the following 2 days. On a Friday i message her again saying i will make her viral and lodge a report against her and that’s when she finally replied me and all sort of excuses came out. She even claimed that it is not her fault that the tailor messed up the orders and she can just ignore me and choose not to pay the refund. She paid cause she wanted to. I have paid full amount to her and yet she said that it is not her responsibility to refund me.

After a few arguments i told her i will give her till next Friday to settle the amount since she yaya payaya said that the amount she owe me is small.

Here comes the Friday and still no news from her. She had infact unfriend me when i checked and told her off. She claimed she didn’t unfriend me and she had no time to check my profile etc.. Then came the best part.. She said even if the police were to asked her she can show that the item didn’t reached her. And when i mentioned that she ever told me that the item were ‘missing’ she said its the same thing. You mean to say if your child didn’t reached home and your child is missing is the same thing?? What kind of logic is that?

I got so totally pissed off with her and we continue arguing. She keep saying she don’t owe me anything, keep talking about the package didn’t arrive her side, it wasn’t her fault and i shouldn’t blame her and expect me to understand her problems. At the last few convo, she finally admits that she unfriended me cause she ‘have life to move on’. Like i don’t a have life is it? Owing people’s money still want to talk big.

Just beware of this seller as she will twist and turn and tell grandmother stories. She is also an irresponsible seller cause when she sent me the wrong ones, i know she don’t bother to check her customers orders. I have posted our convo on my wall as she is not afraid of being viral with this kind of stuck up attitude.

D’Annz Atelier
A.S.S. Contributor

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