Dear Administrators,

I refer to one of your articles titled “Students Chatting at Roof Top of School”. I would like to clarify the falsity of the information provided by the reader and clarify on the actual reality of the situation.
Although I cannot divulge my identity for an official statement will have to be sought for from school administrators, my statements have been backed by comments of students and graduates which can be found in the comments of your post.

1. It is not a rooftop, but a walkway linking two blocks of the school. The walls of the walkway are as high, if not higher than ordinary railings. Hence, there is definitely no doubt about the safety aspect of it.
2. The only purpose of the path is to serve as a walkway. There are no water tanks/ equipments which may post as a threat to students or staff. All those areas are strictly out of bounds.
3. Students shown in the image are not playing but travelling from one location to another. It is not right of the free media to provide untrue speculation.

With all due respect, I would like to request that you make modifications to the post at the very least to clarify the situation, or even take down the post for it concerns a school, an educational institution which should not have been placed at risk of being defamed by untrue speculation and comments. If the need for free speech and opinions is held in high regards by your page, then it would be of my opinion that the previous reccomendation to provide a clarification would be sufficient.

AmazunUs Fs

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