Just a couple of days after California Fitness closed all its gyms in Hong Kong, the Raffles Club of the fitness chain was closed without prior notice. In a notice put up this morning, California Fitness asked it members to proceed to outlets at Bugis or Novena.

California Fitness did not provide any reason why it was shutting down its Raffles outlet. They also did not reply to numerous messages left on their Facebook page.

An irate customer Tan YeJia wrote, “I just shifted office to raffles… Only been here for about 2 months…. Very good salesperson at raffles place to convince me persuade me to sign up and to put few thousands in it . .. Please provide good service, i want to hear good news. Not gym closing down. It’s my hard earned money after all. Thanks, ur customer.”

Another gym dude, Vince, asked customers to move on, “California gym will never refund you. Forget about this idea. You just wasting your time. Maybe next week Bugis and Novena club will close too. Don’t get shock by it ok ! If you’re thinking about class legal action against the company, it may not work either because the company JV Fitness Pte Ltd is in million dollar debt and busted. Even your legal case wins and you get nothing in compensation. Start shopping for a new gym !”

Editor’s Note: If you are a staff of California Fitness please share with us if your employer has been paying your salaries and CPF.

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