Visited AMK’s new cycling path during peak PM (6.00pm-7.30pm) on Tuesday and noted some observations. Would like to share some thoughts/ideas to help boost cycling for Singapore.

1. Noticed more joggers than cyclists on the red track
2. Well designed cycling loop
3. Quite seamless around the loop
4. Good use of public space under MRT track
5. Designed for internal AMK town travel
6. Slight boost for existing cyclists to move around AMK
7. Does not help convince/convert drivers to switch to a bicycle
8. Giving up 1 slip road for the cycling path is a good start
9. Cars are still the dominant form of transport in AMK
10. Car-Lite Singapore is actually a very BOLD vision.

We are going to need a very BOLD execution to achieve this.

How can the govt change the environment?

#1. Ideas (i.e. 2030 Car-Lite Singapore Vision)
#2. Priorities (Bicycle > Public Transport > Car)
#3. Policies
#4. Execution (Redesign The Urban Landscape)
#5. Result (Car-Lite Singapore)

Car-Lite Singapore is simply an idea…

To make it happen, #2 to #4 need to be done well to achieve #5. Currently, the priority is still heavily in favour of cars.

How do we achieve a Car-Lite Singapore while being unwilling to make trade offs against cars, yet aspiring to become car-lite?

The priorities in #2 need to be set correctly before moving forward. If the priority is still the car, then we should scrap the Car-Lite Singapore plan and accept traffic/pollution/congestion. If the priority is bicycle, then the bicycle must be made into the most attractive form of transport in Singapore.

If #2 is not set correctly, #3 to #5 will not succeed.

Any efforts will only result in failure & disappointment.

AMK Phase 1 and Car Free Sundays are excellent piecemeal initiatives to promote a Car-Lite Singapore but have 1 common shortcoming to overcome: Convince & Convert drivers into cyclists.
To achieve a Car-Lite Singapore, the govt agencies will need to have a successful formula in converting people from driver to cyclist/public transport commuter.
A Car-Lite Singapore goal would be to keep reducing the % of trips made by car, while simultaneously increasing the % of trips made by bicycle / public transport.

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