Dear A.S.S,

I was recently refused help from a PAP MP to redress a grievance concerning CPF Board’s preference on siding with employers in a labor dispute and am wondering if there are any other avenues to obtain help after an Aljunied WP MP told me there was no other and he’s genuinely unable to represent anyone outside of his district though he sympathizes with my situation.

I’m also curious to know if there is a basis at law for an elected MP to turn his residents away if he/she is ineffective at solving disputes between his governing party and the residents whom he’s getting his paycheck from? As you all know, starting legal proceedings is a tedious and costly process which the government is already guaranteed victory through a series of parliamentary amendments and the golden goose.

We in addition, do not have an ombudsman to review the opaque conduct of top civil servants enjoying “immunity” from their taskmasters. We have no other alternative but to write to A.S.S. as only you can highlight the injustices suffered by the man on the street and give a voice to us until the next elections!

CS Tan
A.S.S Contribution

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