I want to share this personal experience so as to warn other consumers of this locksmith (F*********) whose professional ethics are questionable even though their website looks professional and they even had their ‘corporate’ clients listed on their site.

We had to engage them for an emergency situation. They quoted us a price that was higher than others (we only found out later) as at that moment of emergency, we just want to solve our problem and didn’t verify their price or credential. Big mistake. The guy who came to open our lock somehow ‘damaged’ our lock but instead turned around and said we had a faulty lock! Ridiculous! We have been living with that lock for a few years and never have any problem. But now the lock seems a bit loose when we turned in the key. When we tried to tell the locksmith the problem, he turned very aggressive and insisted our lock was already faulty.

We also tried asking him for a receipt for the work done but despite repeated requests, they simply ignored our requests. Why would a respectable and professional locksmith even refused to issue a simple receipt? Unless they are not licensed locksmith, and they do not want to pay taxes for their earnings.

I hope you will publish this as I feel other consumers have the right to be aware of such dishonest locksmith who overcharged, did a shoddy job, and then refused to issue a proper receipt. I also hope the relevant authority will take note of the locksmith industry as there currently seems to be no regulation to this industry, and consumers are at risk of being cheated by unscrupulous locksmiths.

A.S.S. Contributor

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