So I was on my way to work this morning around 0740hrs when I passed by this accident which probably just took place like 1-2 mins ago. I immediately stopped & went to assist the rider who was lying by the side of the road.

The rider was still conscious but was bleeding and in pain. There was another Malay rider who was there to assist the victim but left shortly after I arrived. The ambulance was still on the way at this point of time.

What disappoints me is that throughout this period whoever drove past didn’t stop to assist the victim or render any form of assistance. Yes, it’s the morning peak hours but does one life worth so little?

To add on, the bus captain on the other hand had little knowledge on what needs to be done. He was more concern about the bus. He did not ask the victim for his particulars or contact details so that his family could be informed. I had to ask the victim for these myself and subsequently pass it over to him and the paramedics. I had my pants stained with the victim’s blood while assisting him.

The bus captain had his doors shut therefore the passengers were still in the bus. The bus had passengers filled right up to it’s front. For all we know, perhaps there could have been someone in the bus who could have rendered initial medical attention to the victim.

Subsequently when the replacement bus came to ferry the passengers which was prior to the ambulance arriving, it was very unsightly that none of them actually went to ask if the victim was alright or needed any help etc. Not to my knowledge as far as I saw. Many came down and just walked away. Some were more interested to take pictures and videos of the incident rather than helping.

Even the bus captain and a passenger thought I was the friend of the victim thus helping. I don’t think one needs to be a friend in order to help someone. It’s very sad to see people not willing to render assistance to a victim who is injured and needs help.

Understand it is the peak rush hour to work, but shouldn’t a person’s life be valued more than this? Just because the person lying down is not ur Brother or Sister, does that mean it is fine for us to come down and take photo and then leave?

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