I have a few friends who do courier or delivery service on motorcycles. While their practice of illegally parking, or riding on pavements are frowned upon, most of them do not have a choice. Looking at things from their perspective may help in understanding the situation a bit.

1) if they deliver late, their dockets get forfeited or reduced.

2) If they get complaints, their dockets get forfeited or reduced, or worse, they are told not to come back to work.

3) In their job, time is of the essence. It can be as much as 5-10 minute time saving if they parked on the pavement and do quick delivery than to turn around in a carpark looking for a proper lot to park. Usually they take their delivery, get on the bike which is parked on the pavement next to the main road and go.

4) Some places tend to have jams at the carpark entrances, i.e. Plaza Singapura. Some of you probably know that once the carpark at PS is full, cars cannot enter, and they block up the whole road leading to the carpark. Imagine now if a delivery rider is to wait to enter, how many dockets will he be forfeiting?

5) Certain places, i.e. Great World City in the video, do not allow bike parking in their carparks.

If you asked any of those doing the delivery, why do they do these things knowing that it is illegal, they will tell you they would not do it if they have a choice. They already earn peanuts, and if they get fined, that’s a lot of earnings lost. But to them, not being able to deliver on time is worse, because they may lose their jobs, customers will complain, bosses will complain etc. They are all given time limits to deliver their stuff, and the system that calculates the estimated time taken doesn’t account for things like jams and accidents. So, cut them some slack. Afterall, they are the ones working so you can stay in your homes to eat food that is cooked somewhere else.

For those reckless ones that knock people down, i have nothing good to say about them. But i do know a lot of good ones that aren’t reckless.

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