I’d like to share my family’s experience with an online self proclaimed tailor Miss Nuramima Ram (Facebook) http://velvetchronicles.blogspot.sg She has an active Facebook page HER CLOSET which she claims to be a tailor with a 10 year experience in business.

This happened on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa – 5 July 2016

My sister engaged Ms Nuramima for tailoring her outfits both hers and my 12 yo niece’s outfit back in May 2016 only to discover that both the outfits were not even ready on the night before Hari Raya. When asked, she claimed that the material sent wasn’t enough to make the 2 outfit and this was told to my sister at the very last minute. In fact she had the cheek to tell my sister to get the ready made ones in Geylang – the night before Hari Raya.

The next day, my sister and niece did not have a complete new outfit to wear.

She promised to have the outfits done by Saturday – that was 3 days after Hari Raya, but was let down again with very poor fitting. The sleeves were off and the skirt was above ankle length. Full payment was given but when my sister wanted the outfits realtered, they refused to take it back.

There were a few if not many complaints on her Facebook “business page” Her Closet. Many had gone through the same experience. Upon reading through the page, it was then I found out that she had taken a large order of 350 in May which she confidently posted on May 19. She denied that she had taken the order when I asked her, completely deleted my comments and blocked me off her personal Facebook.

Till today, she refuse to come forward and come clean. I’m writing this to you not to shame this person, but I want to let her know that my family deserve an explanation. Businesses are not meant to be perfect, if its flawed, go back to the drawing board and restart again. Do what is right and return the money because she did not do a good job in the end.

Just viewed her instagram page – only 3 days ago she posted her picture perfect family with a complete outfit, while she smiled looking pretty posing for the camera, I wonder if she thought about those people whose outfit she had ruined. I wonder how she sleeps at night.

Link attached is my post on Facebook on Her Closet


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