I refer to this piece on Mothership about an honest taxi driver who returned $235,000 to a passenger who left it in his cab. See the link here.
After reading someone's blog, I begin to think that the story is fake!!
1st, Chukamon and Lee Koh Wee are friends on Facebook, they know each other! But the story claimed that don't know each other?
2nd, The photo of the stash of money is taken from the Internet. It is not a photo that Chukamon took himself!
See evidences on SMRT page and Hoongji Soong blog….
This is questionable…. Maybe Chukamon can step up and explain? Or wait for SMRT to conclude their investigations…. what do u think?
I have no feud with anyone, just a curious singaporean who still believes in good deeds but this is kinda questionable.
A.S.S. Contributor

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