Dear A.S.S,

my name is Jeremy and i hope that your platform can assist us on finding an Elderly Chinese Lady who is currently missing.

A 77 years old grandma, whose family stays in the Molmein-Kallang constituency, went missing yesterday, 12th July 2016, around Sims Place Block 53, Singapore at about 0830am. She is from Fuzhou, China and she only reached Singapore on 11th July.

It has been more than 29 hours since we are last aware that she had drank or eaten anything.

We suspect that she got lost because she is neither understand English nor Chinese. She speaks a local Fuzhou dialect not common in Singapore.

We are going all out to get the word out that she is missing and needs help.

Publishing this story on your online outlet will greatly assist us on reaching the general public. We have set up a Facebook page here:

Do contact me at 96488307 if you will be willing to help us and take on this story.

Jeremy Moi
A.S.S Contributor

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