Dear A.S.S,

I am sure many of us out there have purchased E-tickets from carousell before. Some were left standing outside the park and going crazy as the ticket is defected or expired. Well, I did not even get my tickets but left with a mess up day filing reports and calling up bank. I was purchasing tickets to USS the user called @yinhy3. Although not many reviews but her words seems genuine and i even talked about my past experience of not able toget inside with a different seller. She gave me a discount so I settled with it without much questions.

I transfer a total of 95$ to account number : 228501670 POSB SAVINGS I waited for the replies and i monitor the chats. She first claim to beable to send the ticket within one hour. As time pass I was not getting any e-mail and so I asked her again. She was still actively reply and claims to be misunderstood my e-mail address. She was still ensuring me the PDF ticket to be sent via E-mail. However, she stop reply and that was when I check her item list. It got deleted and her profile picture too. I immediately called the bank up but they could not stop as the transaction went through. I file a report via E-report and have necessary files uploaded.

I am lucky that i did not make an extra payment but $95 and a day waste is not something that I will leave it just like that. So,who ever you are, yinhy3. going against law will definitely leave a mark. Just for $95 seriously!?

Again to those people getting tickets out there. Do be careful you are at your own risk. never make payment till you are sure that you are able to get your hand on the seller being the phone/fb/ address. Best not to get it at all.

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