I’m being a SIA pilot for close to 5 years. Being a pilot and flying is pretty cool and I enjoyed the perks of being a commercial pilot. I was a F16 pilot for 8 years before I switched to commercial pilot. I still missed being a fighter pilot although I don’t miss flying 10 hours inside a F16 cockpit and peeing sitting in the cockpit.

I joined SIA as a First Officer,flying the convectional Boeing 747, comparing to flying F16, the job is plain boring. As most guys will know, modern passenger jets all fly by computer, the aircraft even have the ability to land by itself although procedures states that pilots have to carry out Take off and Landings because there’s a lot of unknown variables like hitting crosswinds during landing. There’s a boss in the cockpit and that’s the captain. I think most captains are overpaid, fat, egoistic, sadistic middle age civilian men. From my point of view, they are a grade lower than us military pilots because all their experience and flying hours were in Auto pilot, they have a comfortable life and are well-paid. They are there to make life difficult for First Officer like myself.

Lucky, civilian pilots respect former military pilots like us, hence my days as a first officer is not so difficult (I’m planning to get Captain next year…………..). The perks of this job is of course, the beautiful air stewardess. All these years in the Air Force, I hold on to my singlehood dearly for just this moment. During my last year in air force when I was almost 12 hours, dehydrated and alone in the F16 cockpit somewhere in South China Sea. I told myself once I joined SIA, I will have sex with a beautiful Air Stewardess in the plane’s toilet in mid-flight, this will be more interesting than flying a F16, and I did.

In this work environment where there are many beautiful Air Stewardess and 1 young first officer, I would say my chances are pretty high. I basically have 1 night stand every flight and every time with different beautiful Air Stewardess. I always take a selfie with them and name the picture in their name. It would be embarrassing to meet them somewhere in the company forgetting their names. Selfie pictures helps me to remember their names and I have hell of a good time. I would usually have sex with those “adventurous ones” in the plane’s toilet, later I would meet them at their hotel room to have second round. I would say all those hours spending alone inside a F16 cockpit cause me to have a fetish in having sex in the plane’s toilet.

Working is really like a buffet, free for all and there’s something for everyone. I know of this Captain who is always looking for some serious dude on dude action during flight. Yes, there’s quite a number of
handsome Air Stewards around and when you see two man leaving the airplane cubicle, you know they are not only sharing the toilet. Passengers might be getting the impression that the pilots and cabin crews are very formal and professional because of our attires, the truth is, we are having the party of our life on flight.

William Chia

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