Location : Outside Clementi Mall Bus Interchange Buzz
Date : 9th July 2016
Timing : Between 2215hrs to 2230hrs

I was trying to purchase a popping candy (that has 20 sachets inside) for $2.10. I had only 2 $50-note in my wallet (I even showed the cashier) hence I paid with 1 $50-note. Upon receiving the cash, the cashier asked if I had a smaller note, so I dug up a 20-cent coin hoping that it helps. So it did and he changed me a 10-cent coin and he said he did not have enough change so he had to break into $2-notes for me. So I had no choice but to accept [1. Why would a small ‘mama’ shop not have enough small change since their products are sold in smaller amounts]

He took out 9 $2-notes and 2 $10-notes and asked me to count $38-dollars total and so I did. I counted twice and repeated ‘对三十八块’ (‘Correct, it’s $38’) and he passed me another 4 $2-notes and I was shocked. And I told him ‘Uncle, 三十八加八是四十六Leh’ (‘Uncle, 38 plus 8 is 46 Leh’) and I even tried to count the money Infront of him before he snatched the money away from my hand [2. Come on. It is rude to do that to anyone. Not to say your customer. Am I right?] and he shouted ‘Oi 小妹你会不会算钱的?’ (‘Oi little girl, do you even know how to count your money properly’) [3. Are you sure you’re supposed to doubt your customer in such rude tone? Can’t it be said nicely?] and hence I was pissed and declined the purchase asking for my $50-note back by saying ‘算了不买了’ (‘Forget it. I’m not buying’) and he said ‘不买更好’ (‘It’s even better if you don’t buy.’) [4. I doubt that a cashier should be doing such things to refuse earnings for the company right?]

After that, things have not ended, he went on ranting to his next customers about me while pointing his hands towards me (Please check the CCTV for clearer elaboration) and after which I decided to take a photo and post it here. The customers that I was referring to were also in the photo.

He saw me taking the photo and screamed ‘Eh 为什么拍照? 谁说你可以拍?’ (‘Eh why you take photo? who say you can take?’) and my boyfriend shouted Back ‘为什么不可以?’ (‘Why cannot?’) and so the cashier ran out of the stall and confronted very intimidatingly and looks very threatening as if he will punch my boyfriend anytime and said ‘是男人就去后面settle 你是穿裙子啊?’ (‘If you’re a man. Settle it behind. You wearing skirt ah?’) [5. Is this a threat? I am intending to file a police report against him for his threats and buzz for fraud] and he went back to his post.

I hope that the management can look into this via the CCTV footage and give me a proper explanation for this whole incident including my points labeled 1 to 5 within the next 3 working days. Thank you.

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