Dear A.S.S,

Property agents please take note on these two indian EP holders. They rent my parents HDB rooms and tenancy started last wednesday, 06/07/2016. Yesterday, 10/06/2016, we spot check and caught 4 ang mohs, seems to be backpackers in our house. There are bras and panties hanging as laundries inside our house too. Mattress were layed all over the living room too and we have every right to suspect they turned the house into backpackers hostel.

Agents were called down and the Indian tenants were still thinking that they are right. With all the photographs taken as evidence and contract agreement, we asked them to shift out with immediate effect and no refund of first month rental and deposit.

I think I have the right to share their EP here to create awareness among my property agents friends.

The Indian guys were telling us during viewing that they stay in Treasure Trove EC in Punggol prior to renting my parents house and the tenancy there is due.

Yesterday when they called a van over to shift their belongings away from my parents house, I tailed the van and saw that it moved back into Treasure Tove. With all these evidence, We can suspect that they might have a group to rent houses from owners and turn the house to backpackers hostel or short term home stay type of concept.

Please share this post if you want. Thank you.

Alex Lee
A.S.S Contributor

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