An amazing story of a brave off-duty fire officer has been circulating on Facebook since yesterday afternoon.

According to one Fique Fiq, his family were at a car park near their sister’s house when they heard a commotion in the area. Initially thinking that it was nothing serious, their family went about their business and returned 10 minutes later to find the crowd and commotion even bigger than when they first arrived.

They then discovered that it was because a young boy had accidentally locked himself in the back compartment of a lorry in a car park.

Being a trained fire officer, Fique’s father assessed the situation and came up with the best solution to tackle the problem while doing his best to minimize the damage to the lorry. He eventually managed to free the boy by prying open the door with the help of some passersby.

Read Fique Fiq’s full account here.

“So my parents and I were at my sister’s house and we saw a commotion in the carpark. We thought nothing of it. When we left about 10 minutes later however, the crowd from the initial commotion grew significantly and we overheard about a small child accidentally locking himself in the lorry.

My dad, being a fire officer, went over to provide assistance. He didn’t jump in straight away. Rather, he observed from far to assess the situation before coming up with the best solution to tackle the problem without causing too much physical damage to the lorry.

Next thing I knew, he was on top of the lorry, armed with metal bars and other things he could find to pry the door open. With teamwork and effective communication, the young boy was finally freed and returned back to his parents.

My dad, the hero.

Fique Fiq”

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