This is a case of regrettable teacher’s action on my child from Ms Theresa of Zoo-phonics Serangoon branch.

Incident happened on 5th July 2016 during class, Ms Theresa singled out my son to stand in front of the class for sporting “long hair” which is NOT a school regulation that boys are not allowed to have long hair. Subsequently, she used a girl hair clip and clipped my boy’s hair up as if he is a girl, much to the amusement of all the other kids. Then she threatens she will to do the same action to him if he did not cut his hair by the next school day. This very act of clipping my boy’s hair subjected him to the laughter of the entire class.

This incident was narrated to me, thereafter by the next teacher who teaches him for 4 years, chinese teacher Ms Peng. She noticed his abnormal and despondent behavior and asked him and the class what happened. My son did not answer; the other classmates filled her up with what happened.

My son later revealed to me after we had left the school compound, that during the extent of time he was been humiliated, he was too scare and traumatized to cry out or even reacting. He feared more punishment and humiliation if he was to be seen as defiant. Only after had Ms Theresa left the class, did he started to weep at his seat.

I brought my son home, settled him down and tried to reassure him. His response to me on what happened,in a very firm tone, “he wants to die”. He said he felt like dying when entire class laughed at him.
These are behaviors and events I could find no acceptance as an early childhood development teacher.


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