I like to share my experience how I outwitted a scammer. This scammer that
I encountered is very professional and convincing sweet-talker and a normal
person would have fallen log stock and barrel. I have never met a chinese
scammer before and I want to know how they operate so I went along and
outwitted this scammer.


This chap Kenny Goh sent a friend request for friendship on Facebook in May
Initially it was casual chat and he sent me a photo of his meal in TOASTBOX.
And TOASTBOX is not available in Sydney.
That was his first lie and I knew that this chap is not reliable.

Within 10 days, started declaring he wanted a relationship. So soon???
Claimed he is from Australia, divorced 9 years ago and has 2 grown up kids in

Chatted on whatsapp +6141285104 (Aussie mobile number) and +19049994559
(Jacksonville mobile number)

Then he said he had to go to Jacksonville, Florida to settle a property left
by his deceased father. Called me and saw the call was registered as
Jacksonville (wow … so well planned) .. then he sent whole lot of photos
of the house, inside out … and I googled all the photos and found he ripped
if off from the internet … houses from UK. Claimed property is worth
US$6.5 million and he had to settle the property tax of 10% of the house
value. That was his second lie.

I believe he is not aware I am very conversant and familiar with scammers’

Then he sent me a passport copy of himself to reassure me of his identity and
I can tell it is a fake. This is the third lie.

Why bother lying unless there is a reason behind it. So I lied to him that
I had to go to Malaysia to visit a sick relative.

While I was supposedly in Malaysia (I was in Singapore all the time hahaha)
he insisted I should return as soon as possible because we were not chatting
like before .. I told him no WIFI in Kampong areas. My first lie to him. And
I knew why he needs me to return as soon as possible. There must be a reason.

While he was still in Florida, he informed me his worker named JOHNSON is
coming to Singapore and asked me to help him settle down. His worker called
me one night and urgently told me he cannot get hold of his boss and he need
to talk to him. (sounded very urgent) Then this Kenny Goh called me and told
me his shipment back to Australia requires S$6500 and asked me to settle it
on his behalf. And that he will be in Singapore the following week to
return the loan.

I asked the worker to send me picture of himself if I have to meet him. He
sent me 2 photos, and ..I googled and found the worker Johnson also has an
acct in FACEBOOK, using same name as KENNY GOH.

Immediately after few hours I concorted another lie … I need to rush back
to Malaysia because my relative is in critical situation. That I believe
made the scammer KENNY GOH, realised he will never ever get a cent out of me.

From all the lies he concorted about the house and the passport photos .. I
believe I met a CHINESE SCAMMER. I also believe there is a syndicate here.

Total length from the start of communication till he asked for money took a
month long. He is a very
professional scammer. His schemes are so methodically planned that a normal
person would not be
able to know the truth. I am sharing this information how a scammer

Please share this … This kind of scam needs to be stopped.


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