I read with interest to the story account of fellow taxi driver who had tried private hirer but chosen to go back to taxi driving.

I was also a taxi hirer before I switched over being a private hirer starting with uber, now with both uber and grab, and happily staying with them till they stop throwing incentives. Now I’m not going to deny nor speak against his words, which I agree wholeheartedly his points are all valid and he should return back as taxi driver

Why do I say this? Because uber driving and grab driving isn’t really the same as taxi driving. As much as many say we are plugging the void whereby taxis failed to fulfil, I do not have the same noble mission of fetching passengers out of distress. Well many do believe that but everyone is just after the money especially the incentives money

My reason for joining third party companies is simple: to earn as much as possible while work as little as possible

The essence of good earnings in private hiring is to understand the system, play within the system, game the system.

Now i admit I’m a pretty lazy person. Because I’m lazy I tend to think of ways to work as little as possible while earning as much as possible. Thus I do not operate outside of incentives timing period

In actual fact, except for my first few months, more than half of my trips aren’t genuine trips. Naturally all the “bullshit” pax ratings and “idiotic” acceptance / cancellation rates will be beautifully recorded.

Many will interpret as ghost bookings but I see it as system flaw. Well many are being banned, yes, but I’m still alive and kicking after doing similar tricks. Play the system and game the system. Not let system gamed you back.

Just a tidbit: When an Uber pax boarded your car, other than confirming details, what will you do next? Likewise for a Grab pax? If you just proceed on to destination as per normal then you are earning nothing more than a taxi driver will earn.

Well, my point is, if you come into these apps platforms without the intention or knowledge to game their system, earn their incentives, and drive like a taxi driver, you are indeed better off be taxi driving.

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