According to our reader, this exchange was taken from his friend and he decided to share it with everyone to warn other aspiring models about predatory photographers.

M (not her real name) received a WhatsApp message from a mysterious photographer, Ryan, who messaged her out of the blue asking her if she was still doing freelance modelling.

Not knowing where the photographer got her number from, M asked Ryan where she knew him from, and he claimed that she had given him her phone number on Facebook in the past.

Genuinely thinking that she might have given out her phone number, and not wanting to appear rude to a prospective hirer, she asked the photographer for more details, including his Facebook account.

However, the dodgy photographer told her that he had deleted his account and started to demand terms from her, claiming that he would groom her and expand her portfolio and offering to send her on overseas shoots.

Realizing that something was amiss, M asked for the photographer’s portfolio, which led her to a site full of model’s pictures in swim wear. She immediately declined Ryan’s advances and told him off for trying to scam her into thinking that he was a genuine photographer interested in her work.

However, Ryan was not one to quit so easily. He continued asking desperately if she was okay with “bikini” shots and when she asked if he had any Instagram account to follow up with, he declined.

Our reader says that all aspiring models should watch out for such perverted photographers and warns not to give out your number too easily.

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