Dear A.S.S,

Please help me share this story via your platform especially to those who earned $26k & below for the whole of year 2015 and yet, still deem ineligible for the GST cash voucher worth $500. This is due to the fact that they are using the income earned for year 2014 instead.

Just do a simple comparison b/w a person who is jobless last year & not getting the GST voucher & someone who actually have a job earning above $26K last year & still eligible for the GST voucher. $500 may seem like “chicken wings” with the gahment taking back the “chicken” soon enough but it’s still a substantial amount to tide the former over this difficult period.

In fact, I wrote in to appeal to the GST voucher administrator via this link “” and requested them to use my income earned last year instead as it’s way below $26K with an attached screenshot of my latest income tax returns. I’m glad that they accede to my appeal and attached here is the screenshot of their reply stating the details of the payout for the GST cash voucher.

You’ll have to log in your SingPass via the link stated above with your activated 2FA in making an appeal.

Otherwise, you can choose the following to get in touch with them:

1) Email [email protected]​​

2) Phone: 1800-2222-888 ​ ​
Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 8.00am to 5.30pm

3) GST Voucher Service Counters
(located at CPF Service Centres)

Good luck in getting your wings!!!

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