The Indonesia media has reported that the Indonesian National Police is currently tracking possible terrorist threats and disturbances in Jakarta and other cities across Indonesia during the forthcoming festive season. The Singapore Consulate in Batam is monitoring the situation closely and will provide relevant updates as and when available.

Singaporeans in Indonesia and/or travelling to Indonesia are advised to be mindful of their safety during this festive season. They should be careful in crowded areas and avoid places without a visible security presence. Singaporeans are also advised to closely monitor the media for reports about the security situation in Indonesia.

Singaporeans travelling to Indonesia are encouraged to e-register with MFA at This will enable us to render the necessary consular assistance if required. The contact details of the Singapore Consulate in Batam are:

Consulate of the Republic of Singapore
8th Floor
Sumatera Convention Centre
Jalan Engku Putri Kav-01
Batam, 29461
Batam, Indonesia
Tel: + 62 778 470070
Fax:+ 62 778 470076
Email: [email protected]

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