I was there this morning in this bank branch to do my banking business from 10.30am to about 11.40am. After finishing I came down to the 1st floor to collect the receipt. The bank staff on the ground floor told me to wait and a short while later she told me the banking system was down and could not generate the receipt.

A male staff also apologised to me about it and informed they will post the receipt to me. While I was waiting for the receipt in the waiting area, a skinny ang moh kia about 6+ ft tall came in and sat beside me. He was called to the counter and then left hurriedly. Don’t know whether he was the thief.

While I was still in the waiting area, saw 2 police officers went in and out of the office with the bank staff. The main lock was locked and not allowing anyone to come into the bank.

When I came out, saw many police officers looking around the areas outside the bank. Lucky the thief did not carry any weapon(s) to use to hurt the bank staff or customers. I’m rather surprised this happen in broad daylight. Hope the Police catch the thief soon.

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