We received this contribution from Ms Teo, who related how her parents and brother were falsely accused and abused by this couple at the lift lobby of their HDB home.

The account here was written by her brother on Facebook.

“Due to the lift sensor was not working fine, the lift door sometimes will keep opening non-stop at the same level.

This guy shouted at my parents from level 1 as he thought that my parents was playing with the lift. But my parents was at the basement trying their very best to close the lift door. Who does not want to end their day early?

Soon after the sensor was working fine the couple entered the lift and followed my parents to my level.

He claimed that my dad had hit him when he had initiated the punch which my dad blocked it.

(Mr ‘Orange’) also claimed that i had molested his (Ms ‘Pretty’) when i was always 1 step away from her. (We Singaporean scared to fall ill one leh, especially after i saw her face while trying to take video back. “3 camera vs 1 camera”)

The guy even ask her did i touch her but she say ‘No, nearly only’ Until the 3rd time he asked the same question again and she said ‘YES!’

The guy initial the call to the police force and threaten to sue us with his lawyer. In total he made 3 calls, Firstly to report incident. Secondly he called to say we are calling ‘Gangsters’ as both me and my dad was on the phone. Thirdly, he take video until hand tired asking why SPF so long, and say he’s life is in danger.

Now he is making false accusation on us.

He wanted to be famous, so the reporter also came.

P.S. I was not at scene until i hear loud shouting, to find my parents outside the lift”

Kelvin Teo
A.S.S. Contributor

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