Dear Editor,

I’m writing to your blog to inform all would-be or existing patients of CGH to carefully check their consultants, prescriptions & medications.

My dad was found to have fungus in the nail by the Polyclinic last year & referred to CGH for treatment as they only treat athletes foot at their level. However, the fungus in my dad’s nail did not subside even after a year’s quarterly treatment @ CGH and I begin to feel suspicious at this point. I then checked the labels & to my horror, found that the last prescription in Apr 2016 contained medications that’d already expired!

Furious, I called the corporate affairs for clarification & they told me “lapses do occur in a big hospital” & “to not think too much about it”. They said they’ll ‘investigate’ & ‘get back to me’ but failed to do so. I then went to see the MP about the lapses & CGH still did not bother to acknowledge.

After 2 months I went back to the MP and received even more shock with the MP telling me CGH is not obligated to reply as they are a private entity with a CEO in place & I’m free to go other hospitals if I’m not satisfied with CGH.

If this is what you had in mind when you voted at the last GE, your brains must be really screwed! #ownself check ownself

Melvin Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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